In line with the duties and common values of the partnership, Karaderili Corporate Group has determined management and quality policy in order to bring together its employees, customers, suppliers, associates, all of business partners and shareholders in the same purpose by considering law, regulation and commercial ethics.

The main factors of our quality policy are as follows:

  • With the awareness of the value of safe life, we ensure the safety, health, present and future of our employees by giving importance to safety and security in all our services.
  • We support the training and individual development by organizing activities in order to increase loyalty and satisfaction of employees, keep the team spirit dynamic with information sharing and division of responsibility in line with the transparent management principle.
  • In the projects we undertake, we correctly perceive the customer demands and direct the customer requests and stick to these requests at the maximum level.
  • We recognize the importance of completing and delivering the work on time in accordance with the Work Projects and technical specifications.
  • By following the technology which will provide competitive advantage, we provide and use all necessary resources at the most appropriate level in order to achieve the highest level of operational safety, security and quality.
  • Considering the different cultures of our customers, we ensure that the service is provided by correctly perceiving and evaluation the expectations and needs of our customers, and we evaluate the satisfaction, suggestions and complaints of the customers effectively.
  • In all our business processes, we show a quality-focused, systematic and disciplined approach, and create opportunities for improvement by constantly reviewing the system.

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