In line with our vision and values, we manage our human resources based on ethical values and business ethics, with the understanding that our employees are the most important value in achieving goals.

Carrying on businesses in different sectors has enables us to develop a flexible perspective on creating different human resources.

We closely follow the processes in the developing world and adapt all the areas which we benefit from for our human resources to our business life.

As well as existing human resources processes, we also work on our development and formation processes.

For our company’s presence and continuity, it is important for us that our employees share the same feelings with our senior management and approach the business with the precision. Sense of responsibility, respectful approach in every communication channel, and making our employees feel valuable is a must for us.

Our human resources activities are based on the principle of efficiency. We shape our human resources processes with the awareness that happiness of the employee is going through a fair, transparent and educational approach.

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