Karaderili Corporate Group was founded in 1995 to carry on business in the field of tourism.

The company which contains Yalova TermaCity, Kusadasi Holiday Leisure Club, Kutayha Emet Thermal Resort & Spa, Bodrum Mio Bianco and Mio Mare facilities, is among the leading companies in hotel management and joint-owned real estate property.

The secret of the success achieved by Karaderili Group is the management approach which takes customer satisfaction and service quality as its top priority. As a result of this approach, the Group provide best services to the foreign and domestic tourists.

The high level of experience and education of the employees providing services within the Karaderili Corporate Group is one of the most important issues determining the quality.

Karaderili Group which has the vision to meet the vacation needs of its customer in the most appropriate way, continues to grow with investments.

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